Picture of CDC recommendations document

Welcome to 2022!  A few pieces of information to relay to you all as we begin the New Year.  I hope the holiday break offered some down time as we turn the corner into 2022. 

We have all been hoping that the pandemic would be a past event, this is not the case as sickness levels continue to impact education.  A few important reminders regarding Covid-19 as it relates to your students.  CDC is working with state and local public health officials to monitor the spread of Omicron.  Omicron has been detected in most states and territories and is rapidly increasing the proportion of Covid-19 cases. Click here to view the note from the CDC.

Mountain View School District reminds all parents and guardians, if your child(ren) are not feeling good, have a fever or exhibit Covid symptoms, please keep them home.  We will continue to remind students that good hand washing, distancing when able, mask wearing if preferred can all be suitable to keep illnesses down.  Please read the attached outline for illness implications.  Thank you for monitoring this and adding flu season to the mix only complicates matters.  Having students prepared for the winter conditions also helps to keep illnesses down.

Reminder to download our new Mountain View School District APP.
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Having information from school closures to what time the next game is are some of the features you will get at your fingertips.  Head to your APP store and download SD244 – you can identify the correct APP by the 244 symbol (similar to our letterhead). 

We are quickly approaching the semester break (1/2 way mark).  It is a good time to make certain your student is on track.  Planning to attend February Parent/Teacher Conferences (Feb. 16 & 17) is a great way to be updated by teachers on your students’ progress.

Thank you for your involvement in education.  Parents being involved offer many benefits far beyond the classroom.


Todd Fiske