December 6, 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,

             It appears that the change from fall to winter is happening.  I hope this finds you all doing well as we head toward the winter break.  Please find enclosed important information that may affect your student(s). 

            Over the past year, it has proven very difficult to train and keep valuable bus drivers for our schools.  We have held paid trainings for individuals to obtain their CDL/Bus Endorsements, but this has proven challenging.  Attracting and keeping our valuable drivers continues to be our focus for the safety and well-being of our students.

            I am writing this letter as a notice that transportation may be altered or cancelled due to driver shortages covering our routes.  School will continue with the same start and end times.  Parents and guardians, please be informed that drop-off and pick-up of students will rest with you should these changes occur.  Note: Schools are not staffed for early drop-off or late pick-up.  Please be aware of your schools time.

            It should also be noted to parents and guardians, students that participate in extra-curricular activities (sports, FFA, etc.) may also be impacted due to driver shortages.  This means that participants must rely on their parent/guardians to transport to and from contests and events.  Building Principals and Athletic Directors will send out transportation alterations as they arise.

            Mountain View School District will continue to seek out qualified drivers that know the rules associated with driving school busses, understand the safety standards and are skilled at what they do.  If you yourself or you know of someone that could prove to be a valuable bus driver please see our webpage ( and click on “Employment Opportunities”.  All training fees are covered by the district.

            With winter comes difficult road and winter conditions.  Please note that we will be utilizing a slightly different system for emergent situations that affect our schools (information via our new webpage  If conditions warrant a school closure, you may be notified through an email, cell phone text, via Facebook, and our website (primary information point).  Most weather impacts are determined in the morning.  For route cancellations and weather related school closures you will be notified through the methods prescribed above.  If you have questions please reach out to your building principal.




Todd Fiske