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Three improvements to communication to district communities are noted on the district website at https://www.sd244.org/.

The communities that make up Mountain View School District #244 enjoy the use of district facilities!  To make access for scheduling effortless, a calendar of Events can be found on the Menu page of the district website.  Now, all events as well as events at each school can be viewed.  A check box can help you focus in on one of the schools, on the left of the webpage.  This should save time to locate a space when desiring to use the facility for an event.  The Facility Use Application can also be found on the Menu page under heading of Public Information.

Open Enrollment was updated last year through legislative action.  Now, options for students and families include enrolling within any district school, rather than in the student’s attendance area.  This option can be found on the Student Enrollment Information link at the top of the front page of the district website along with the application (https://www.sd244.org/o/sd244/page/enrollment).

A new incident reporting system called See tell Now! can be found on the district website.  The reporting system, called See Tell Now! is an all-inclusive tip line for students and school communities to report incidents of concern to personnel who can properly respond.  The tab is on the right side of the district webpage as a link that states:  Safety Issue Report or https://www.sd244.org/page/see-tell-now.