5 Students walking side by side throgh a school hallway while talking to one another

"Educators work hard to provide high school students with the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom and beyond. While the focus in high school is often grades and test scores, many districts are starting to incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) into their portraits of a graduate.  Students need both academics and SEL for college and career readiness ... many schools and districts still find it challenging to incorporate social-emotional skills into high school curricula. SEL is important for all young people, from elementary to high school, but you may feel like you have to choose between teaching academic subjects or social-emotional skills. 

What if you could have both? Here are five SEL activities from expert SEL organizations that you can incorporate directly into classroom curriculum and lesson plans."

  1. Fist to Five (Self-Management)
  2. Different Perspectives in Literature (Social Awareness)
  3. Social Contract (Relationship Skills)
  4. Meaningful Online Messages (Relationship Skills)
  5. Responsible Citizens (Responsible Decision Making) 

To learn more about one or all of these strategies, you can access the full article here: 

5 Social-Emotional Learning Activities for HighSchool